The Right Way To Juicing

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The Right Way To Juicing - Health Tips in Hindi

If you want to divide a room full of
nutritionists who happily get along, ask them their opinion about juicing.
While a few people rave about the benefits of juicing, the majority is dead
against juicing as a part of diet and lifestyle.

But, studies have shown that if done right,
juicing can be beneficial to those who find it difficult to consume whole
fruits and vegetables. First of all, vegetables lose water-soluble vitamins
like thiamin and ascorbic acid when cooked. Moreover eating vegetables like beetroot,
cabbage, spinach and parsley raw is almost impossible. That is why these
vegetables can be blended with fruits and made into juices that are palatable.
Thus, you can derive the maximum benefits of fruits and vegetables by having
them raw.

The next argument against juicing is fibre loss.
That is true to an extent. But, you can overcome this by incorporating the pulp
obtained from juicing back into the juice or into any other food you cook, like
muffins, curries or soups. This also ensures minimal to no nutrient loss.

Yet another benefit of juicing is that you can
increase the overall intake of fruits and vegetables. It might not be possible
to have three carrots for a meal. But, having juice from three carrots is easy.
This helps increase the overall nutrient intake and meet your daily nutritional

But, this doesn’t mean that juicing can replace a
whole fruit or vegetable. In fact, juicing constantly can spike your sugar
levels as sugar from 3 or 4 fruits get concentrated into a glass. So, it would
be in your best interest to eat fruits rich in sugar as a whole and juice
vegetables which you wouldn’t otherwise eat raw. This helps you consume raw
vegetables which you avoided so far.

When it comes to extracting juice, three methods
are adopted often. The first is using the juicer jar that comes with the mixer
grinder. But, it is an ineffective method as the pulp inside retains a lot of
juice, which gets wasted. Also, it isn’t the ideal method for juicing
vegetables. The next method is to use the best juicer mixer grinders, which are also
known as centrifugal juicers. They are adept at juicing fruits and vegetables
as they are quick. The better options don’t waste a lot of pulp either. The
last method is the most expensive, using a cold press juicer. It has the best
juicing yield and the pulp you get is very compact. But, contrary to popular
belief, there is no difference in nutritional levels of juices extracted from
the centrifugal juicer and cold press juicer.

Rather, importance should be placed on storing
the juice correctly. Ideally, you should consume the juice immediately within
juicing so that there is no nutritional loss. Else, store it in an airtight
container inside the refrigerator and ensure you consume it within 3-4 days.

A glass of juice could be a great way to help
kids who are fussy eaters get started for school. It is also ideal for people
who find it difficult to chew hard food. Also, as mentioned, vegetable juices
help you consume nutrients that you would have otherwise never had. So, rather
than taking an all-in or all-out approach, it is prudent, just like everything
else, to consume juice in moderation.

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